EQ2 Stuff – An introduction and note on posted strategies..

Hey there.

I play Everquest 2. I mostly play a Dirge named Deafen on Splitpaw.

First and foremost I wanted to say thank you to everyone in Eden on Splitpaw(except our GL Quillette for falling off anything that can be fallen off, even if she does make Brokenskull Bay funnier every time) – thanks also to Feldon @ EQ2Wire for not only allowing me to use but also helping me to get his spiffy javascript working so you can simply hover over item links to see what they look like – and thanks to everyone on the EQ2 Forums for their kind words!

“EQ2 Stuff” was created because I’ve been meaning to fool around with hosting and WordPress for a while now, I’d already written up Altar of Malice strategy bits and pieces for the guild but this felt like a good enough excuse to put it all in one place for anyone else that might find it useful.

I wanted a place where I could remind myself of details with a minimum of fuss (and without annoying audio adverts randomly popping up out of nowhere) so I’ve intentionally kept the theme as basic as possible.. okay yes, it’s partially because I’m too lazy to create a custom theme too!

The site will hopefully give any players that are new to AoM enough information to hit the floor running rather than worrying about going into a zone blind. (Personally, learning these encounters in a guild group was 90% of the fun for me but not everyone feels that way and sadly some pick-up-groups aren’t particularly patient with new players in new zones)

I’ve posted screenshots of detriments/buffs and what information we’ve gleaned from our guild group encounters (thanks to everyone in Eden on Splitpaw for the fun times running these together and their patience and assistance writing this stuff up) so you can have a better idea of what’s going on and make your own opinion on the best way to tackle an encounter.

I don’t claim these strategies are perfect, one of my favourite things about Everquest 2 is that there is often more than one way to approach an encounter depending on your group set-up. The “Council” fight in Zavith’loa: The Hidden Caldera is a perfect example of this.

The ACT triggers have been tested for the most part but my apologies if any of the ACT triggers don’t work or this information becomes out-of-date quickly.. to be honest the vast majority of them aren’t needed as there are lots of audio/visual in-game cues.. but I’m often lazy and don’t play with in-game sound enabled because it gives me a headache (and I end up humming the EQ2 theme for days on end!).

Strategies are listed in the Pages section on the left.. I am open to suggestions and alternative strategies but for now the comments sections are disabled everywhere except this post until I decide if this is something I want to actively maintain or not (assuming anyone even sees it!).. after adding what little content I already have, it’s clear that all of this could have been formatted more efficiently or perhaps this would have been better suited to a wiki (or I should have just updated the eq2i wiki!) but for now I’m just hoping that having the information out there is helpful to someone.

Good luck!

ps. I’m happy for anyone to use the information on this site however they see fit. If you want to copy+paste to the wiki or reproduce on your own site, go for it. I hope you still check back every now and then to see what changes have been made!