Fabled The Acadechism (WIP)

General Information:

Work in progress.

Placeholder in the event I think of something useful. Should probably add the clicky standard to start the quest, the clicky chest to start the timed kill x amount of Orcs quest. Watch out for Mana Drinkers. How to progress through the zone by clicking on the thingymabobs + the timed Edge Geist quest.

2 Mins?

\\#FA58F4Crush 15 orcs before time expires!

2 Mins?

\\#FA58F4Defeat 13 geists before time expires!

The War Ancient of Zek:

Casts “Burning Stomp”, an un-curable elemental every 30 seconds. This is AoE blockable.
Burning Stomp

If this is causing you problems, the following timer may help for very squishy people.

<Spell N="Burning Stomp" T="30" OM="F" R="F" A="F" WV="5" RD="T" M="F" Tt="" FC="-16776961" RV="-15" C="The War Ancient of Zek" RC="T" SS="" WS="tts inc" />

Kelzaral the Animator:

Comes with 2x “Edge Geist” and casts “Storm of Lightning”, a curable arcane every 30 seconds also has a very small knock-back, “Kinetic Push”..
Storm of Lightning

About 30 seconds into the encounter, she will summon a “Pike Geist”. Besides the “Storm of Lightning” these hit the hardest and should be burned down immediately. She will summon another every 30-60 seconds. As I haven’t seen anything in my parses to indicate that the “Frost Shielding” damage shield that GB mentioned in the comments below actually causes damage (only 2 or 3 runs still) there’s a possibility that the “Pike Geists” are spawned by failing to interrupt her damage shield. It looks like they only way I’ll find a group willing to take it slow enough to find out, will be if I try trio’ing it :)

Emperor D’Vinn, Akaranseth and Bolgorak the Scourge:

Akaranseth will taunt the tank. Bolgorak the Scourge will cast “Enervation” and “Strength Tap” on the group, both are curable noxious effects.
Enervation Strength Tap

Emperor D’Vinn will cast the un-curable arcane “Arcane Whirlwind” every 20~ seconds. This isn’t blockable and will stifle. If this is causing you problems, the timer below may help, it has a range of 8m~ so you can joust it.
Arcane Whirlwind

<Spell N="Arcane Whirlwind" T="20" OM="F" R="F" A="F" WV="5" RD="T" M="F" Tt="" FC="-16776961" RV="0" C="Emperor D'Vinn" RC="F" SS="" WS="tts inc" />

At 75% Emperor D’Vinn will disappear and be replaced with 1x “Shadow of D’Vinn”. He will return 15~ seconds later. The same will happen at 50% and 25% but the number of Shadows will increase (2x Shadows at 50%, 3x Shadows at 25%).