Altar of Malice: Shiny Collections – Tranquil Sea Overland

Tranquil Sea Overland

Isle of Refuge
Foregone Artifacts
Garven’s Registry
Rivicea’s Collection Box
Caretaker Fairlee’s Wrench
Slumlord Valthun’s Dirty Bucket
Ambassador Saera’s Shiny Coin
Ambassador T’Kirr’s Copper Badge
Fragments of Island Folk
Ebik’s Cog Collection
Cook Stubfoot’s Stew Pot
Quarter Master Brennar’s log
Galen Crestrider’s Mug
Mannus’ Tool kit
Ihean’s Coin Pouch
Heirlooms of Heroes Past
Ingrid’s Looking Glass
Varlos’ Gold Pen
Duke Ferrin’s Medal
Xaliea’s Poultice Bag
Vladiminns’ Bow
Nathinia’s Talisman
Remnants of Refuge
Cantrie’s Fishing Hook
Deebo’s Fishing Pole
Dovin’s Merchant Sack
Gerrin’s Pocket Watch
Valik’s Map Book
Anikra’s Doll
Shreds of the Past
V’Raen’s Visor
Bogtooth’s Breastplate
Mizmozzle’s Mace
Ssilith’s Sword
Tanglor’s Tower Shield
Tugar’s Trench Knife
Death Weave Isle
Death Weave Flora
Blood Amaryllis
Poison Gardenias
Ruby Lotus
Baneful Bird of Paradise
Sacred Calla Lily
Relics of the Lost
Tribal Totem
Shaman Spear
Wind Talisman
Earth Talisman
Water Talisman
Spider Effigy
The Ruby Emperor
Ruby Emperor Eye
Ruby Emperor Leg
Ruby Emperor Antenna
Ruby Emperor Wing
Ruby Emperor Carapace
Ruby Emperor Mandible
Urzarach Chaos
Eye of the Lost
Soul of the Lost
Intellect of the Lost
Mind of the Lost
Concept of the Lost
Silence of the Lost
Waters So Sacred
Bead of Sacred Water
Emerald Dewdrop
Blue Dewdrop
Bead of Revered Water
Clear Dewdrop
Bead of Divine Water
South Dshinn
Ancient Animals
Ipsumodon Spirit Totem
Apatodon Spirit Totem
Aragodon Spirit Totem
Pterodon Spirit Totem
Cerodon Spirit Totem
Stegodon Spirit Totem
Grim Grimlings
Agitated Spear
Aggravated Mace
Frantic Dagger
Covetous Sword
Avaricious Lance
Acquisitive Hammer
Reptilian Relics
Spinemaster’s Crusher
Ambusher’s Net
Bowmaster’s Line
Woundbreaker’s Talisman
Boneshadow’s Knife
Lavelescent’s Shield
Scrubby Little Symbols
Bawck Gib Gua
Jaf Mung Tah
Txua Vov Zaunk
Arf Ghav Keff
Kian Mraaww
Baj Wooah
Tokens from the Tiny
Zedj’s Tribal Spear
Yurwri’s Poultice
Starque’s Saddle
Lagni’s Pickle Jar
Kowli’s Harpoon
Finze’s Wisdom Staff