Altar of Malice: Shiny Collections – Phantom Seas Overland

Phantom Sea Overland

North Dshinn
Bad Juju
Talisman of Claw
Talisman of Dirt
Talisman of Darkness
Talisman of Blood
Talisman of Flesh
Talisman of Tooth
Far Seas Seasoning
Erollisian Cinnamon
Zekian Black Pepper
Kunarkian Cardamom
Karanian Ginger
Ykeshan Tumeric
Faydwerian Cassia
Igneous Ideal
Orange Scapolite
Violet Sodalite
Yellow Peridot
Rainbow Labradorite
Azure Hauyne
Golden Datolite
Official Oriflamme
Flag of Ferrin
Flag of the Far Shore
Flag of the Far Talon
Flag of the Far journey
Flag of the Far Dawn
Flag of Greymast
Old-Fashioned Ossein
Aragodon Vertebrae
Cerodon Skull
Pterodon Metacarpal
Apatodon Carpal
Stegodon Tibia
Ipsumodon Femur
Kithicor Island
Ancient Kithicor Artifacts
Dagger of the Jewelborn
Cape of the Cloaked Figure
Gull’s Mirror
Farondi’s Sword
Cathil’s Whiskey Flask
Shadowbane’s Bow
Castle Highhold Heirlooms
Greyeagle’s pouch
Blackguard’s Ring
Tarburner’s Comb
Rossook’s Pipe
Whistlewood’s Cameo
Greenbane’s Bracelet
Ghorkaal Relics
Boots of the Deathweaver
Staff of the Cursespinner
Blade of the Necromancer
Etched Helm of the Deathweaver
Robes of the Cursespinner
Dagger of the Poisonspinner
Kithicor Pine Cones
Ivy Etched Pinyon
Wonderer’s Knot Pinyon
Highpass Pine Cone
Kithicor Pinyon
Blessed Knoll Pine Cone
Ghorkaal’s Pine Cone
Objects of Malice
Talisman of the Flesh Stripper
Mace of Dark Obscenity
Helm of Disembodied Spirit
Ring of Imbued Blood
Blood Inquisitor’s Dagger
Primoridal Talisman
Grim Shales
Akhevan Antiquity
Helm of the Torgarath
Symbol of Diabo Xin Thall
Ring of Diabo Rentha
Effigy of Aten Ha Ra
Blade of the Liako
Mask of the Senshali
Deadly Plants
Kithicor Castor Bean
Tranquil Oleander
Dark Snakeroot
Purple Bladderwort
Dshinn Hemlock
Phantom Monks Hood
Grim Shales Ferns
Painted Fern
Maiden’s Hair Fern
Nest Fern
Cinnamon Fern
Shale Tree Fern
Holly Fern
Grimling Glamour
Skullsmasher’s Bash
Spiritchanter’s Devouring
Skullsmasher’s Might
Spellsplitter’s Force
Spiritchanter’s Madness
Spellsplitter’s Inferno
Scaly Superstition
Scale of Korazhk
Scale of Ssraeshza
Scale of Ssravish
Scale of Zherozsh
Scale of Zhesz
Scale of RhagZadune