Altar of Malice: Shiny Collections – Meta Collections

Meta Collections

Altar of Malice Medals (rewards from Advanced Solo Instance collections)
Zavith’loa Medal
Ossuary of Malevolence Medal
Ssraeszha Medal
Castle Highhold Medal
Brokenskull Bay Medal
Shields of Phantom Sea (rewards from Phantom Sea Overland collections)
Shield of Gazanti
Shield of North Dshinn
Shield of Grim Shales
Shield of Blackwall
Shield of Blessed Knoll
Shield of Highpass
Shield of Sshraeshza
Shield of Ossuary of Malevolence
Shield of Stillwater Bridge
Shield of Bloody Battlegrounds
Shield of Castle Highhold
Shield of Charnel Grove
Shield of Ghorkaal
Shield of Kithicor
Shield of Peril Point
Shields of Tranquil Sea (rewards from Tranquil Sea Overland collections)
Shield of Refuge
Shield of South Dshinn
Shield of Malvonicus
Shield of Gorir
Shield of Bawgava
Shield of Death Weave
Shield of Merinep
Shield of Gura-Gura
Shield of Lost Khorr
Shield of Forbidden Cove
Shield of Karrabukk
Shield of Three Sacred Sisters
Shield of Lobha
Shield of Death’s Doorway
Shield of Saffron Coast
Ship Wheels (rewards from Brokenskull Bay Contested collections)
Queen’s Revenge
Loyal Swabby
Royal Opulence
Golden Trinity
Norrath’s Galley
Tales of Malice (rewards from Heroic Instance collections)
Tales of Villandre V’Zher
Tales of the Ossuary of Malevolence
Tales of Zavith’loa
Tales of Jaestin Ferrin
Tales of the Deinodons
Tales of Tserrina Syl’tor
Tales of the Allu’thoa
Tales of the Far Seas Trading Company
Tales of the Ssraeshza Temple
Tales of Brokenskull Bay
Tales of Captain Krasnok
Tales of the Shissar
Tales of the Hate’s Fury
Tales of the Grimlings
Tales of Castle Highhold
Ossuary Busts (rewards from Ossuary Contested collections)
Bust of Virtuoso Edgar ‘Vzann
Bust of Villandre V’Zher
Bust of Prime Ritualist Darkthrall
Bust of Tserrina Syl’tor
Bust of Ritual Keeper V’derin
Triumphs of Shattered Seas (rewards from all meta-collections)
Shield of the Tranquil Sea
Bone Carved Bust of Lanys T’Vyl
Shattered Seas Medal
Shield of the Phantom Sea
Tales of the Shattered Seas
Silk Stitched Hate’s Fury Flag