Altar of Malice: Shiny Collections – Contested Zones

Contested Zones

Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud (Contested)
Brokenskull Earrings
Morin’s Silver Stud
Drunkard’s Earring
Swabby’s Iron Stud
Krasnok’s Earring
Barin’s Silver Hoop
Daggerheart’s Hoop
Pirate Coat Buttons
Golden Silversmith Button
Silver Swirl Button
Golden Shank Button
Bone-Carved Pants Buton
Silver Shank Button
Bone-Carved Vest Button
Pirate Protection
Captain’s Hat
First Mate’s Hat
Boatswain’s Hat
Lieutenant’s Hat
Gunner’s Hat
Quartermaster’s Hat
Pirate Ship Pieces
Rusted Backstay
Jib Sheet
Skull Adorned Anchor
Bronze Cringle
Tattered Bolt Rope
Wooden Block
Treasure Maps
Half Treasure Map
Wet Treasure Map
Leather Treasure Map
Torn Treasure Map
Burnt Treasure Map
Folded Treasure Map
Ossuary of Malevolence (Contested)
Ossuary Chasuble
Chasuble of the Inquisitor
Chasuble of the Bloodpriest
Chasuble of the Unproven
Chasuble of the Prime Inquisitor
Chasuble of the Bonesummoner
Chasuble of the Bonecaster
Ossuary Medallions
Zealot’s Medallion
Bonecaster’s Medallion
Devotee’s Medallion
Persecutor’s Medallion
Torturer’s Medallion
Worshiper’s Medallion
Ossuary Skulls
Polished Sarnak Skull
Polished Erudite Skull
Polished Ogre Skull
Polished Gnome Skull
Polished Wood Elf Skull
Polished Dwarf Skull
Ossuary Statuettes
Carved Wood Statuette
Carved Bone Statuette
Carved Obsidian Statuette
Carved Glass Statuette
Carved Ivory Statuette
Carved Stone Statuette
Pyxes of the Ossuary
Etched Golden Pyx
Wooden Carved Pyx
Etched Silver Pyx
Etched Mithril Pyx
Skull Shaped Pyx
Etched Bronze Pyx