Altar of Malice: Shiny Collections and the Mithril Ring of Amplified Power


If you’re looking at this post you’re either a natural shiny hunter or you’ve seen someone wearing or linking the (frankly) awesome Mithril Ring of Amplified Power and you’re wondering how to get it.

The Mithril Ring of Amplified Power is rewarded after finishing every shiny collection in Altar of Malice (the Tradeskill and Highhold Chandelier collections aren’t required).

Each shiny collection rewards a shiny towards another meta-collection which in turn rewards a shiny towards the final super-meta-collection!

  • There are 5 collections on each overland island in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea.
  • There are 3 collections in each heroic instance hub (i.e Zavith’loa:The Hidden Caldera, The Lost Caverns, The Lost Hunt are all one hub and share 3 shiny collections)
  • There are 5 collections in each of the Contested zones.
  • There are 5 collections obtained via the Advanced Solo instances
  • There are 7 meta-collections.

This means there are 67 collections in total!

This can seem like a daunting task on one character, never mind managing it across alts. To try and make your life easier, I’ve split the collections into sections so you can (hopefully!) find your missing shinies a little more easily! If that way inclined, this should print out okay too so you could just cross them off as you go..

Alternatively you can view a Google Sheets document here, if you then select File->Download As you can export it to a format that works for you.

Thanks to Kerisal in Eden for his help compiling this list!