The Molten Pools [Raid]

General Information:

The vast majority of damage in this zone is elemental or trauma, if you’re a new raid guild just starting out (and assuming you’ve done the Altar of Malice signature quest) don’t forget you can adorn specifically for Elemental Resists if necessary and if you have access to a “Guild Strategist” the various “Standards” can be useful, i.e Standard of Superior Elemental Protection

Teraradus the Gorer:

Upon pull the raid will get the un-curable detriment “Lava Fumes” which does (with 140k~ resists) roughly 400-500k elemental damage every 8 seconds.

Has a buff called “Rage!” that increments every 6 seconds, when this reaches 10 he will cast “Mighty Roar” a hard hitting trauma AoE that will likely kill anyone within 15-20m that isn’t the tank. Rage!

You can either watch the increment and joust at 9 or joust as soon as you see the red text, “Teraradus the Gorer prepares to unleash a mighty roar! You may not want to be near him when he does!”. If you opt for the latter, you’d better be quick. You’ll need to be around 15-20m away before the AoE goes off and there’s no casting bar to determine this. The following trigger may help for those not paying attention..

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;#FF0000Teraradus the Gorer prepares to unleash a mighty roar! You may not want to be near him when he does!" SD="Joust" ST="3" CR="T" C="Zavith'loa: The Molten Pools [Raid]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

After the first Mighty Roar, he will cast it again every 60 seconds, the following timer may help and will warn you 10 seconds before the joust is needed.

<Spell N="Mighty Roar" T="60" OM="F" R="F" A="F" WV="10" RD="T" M="F" Tt="" FC="-16776961" RV="0" C="Zavith'loa: The Molten Pools [Raid]" RC="T" SS="" WS="tts Roar incoming" />

Besides the memwipe and Mighty Roar AoE, this is pure tank and spank.

Kerridicus Searskin:

Upon pull the raid will get an un-curable detriment, “Lava Scald” which does (with 140k~ resists) roughly 400k magic damage every 8 seconds.Lava Scald

The named has a buff, “Skin Like Lava” which makes him immune to damage.Skin Like Lava

Shortly into the encounter “A Lava Titan” will add.. another Lava Titan will pop roughly every 45 seconds. When a “Lava Titan” dies, 3x “an Unstable Lava Globule” pop. When a globule dies, anyone within 15m of it will be hit with “Burning Lava” which causes heavy damage to them and more importantly anyone nearby them.Burning Lava

Essentially, you burn the titan, burn the globules, ensure everyone except the tank is 15m away from the globules when they die to avoid “Burning Lava” and then burn the name until his stoneskin is back up or until the next Titan spawns – rinse and repeat.

You can use the following trigger to know when a globule has died as someone (hopefully only the tank) will have the detriment.. if you wanted you could tie this to a 30s timer so you know when the names stoneskin is back up again.

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;#FF0000(?<Player>[A-Za-z]+) has burning lava stuck to them!" SD="${Player} has detriment" ST="3" CR="T" C="Zavith'loa: The Molten Pools [Raid]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

How you go about this encounter will be largely dependent on your raid make-up.. if a globule gets loose everyone should stop DPS until they’re back in the correct position and if this happens just once you’ll have to catch up on the adds to avoid being swamped and it’ll just prolong the fight. Tank(s) with decent AoE aggro control are a must.

If you have a lot of melee DPS, you’ll need to decide whether they’re going to stay ranged for the fight or move in to DPS and out whenever a titans nears death and the globules pop.. the globules die so quickly that any melee DPS not paying attention will get hit with “Burning Lava” – if anyone gets this and then moves back into the raid force it will most likely be a wipe.

The Crumbling Icon:

Will be added soon. If you want to be best buds with your raid leader, ensure a mendor bot is up on pull. He’ll thank you forever. Don’t do this.