Zavith’loa: The Lost Caverns

General Information:

Throughout the zone, you will occasionally attract the attention of an “compsognathus” encounter, normally 3 mobs to an encounter. Each mob will cast “Tetrodotoxin” on whoever they aggro (i.e it’ll stack up to 3 times), this is easily healed through but if you are mass pulling several ‘compsognathus’, ‘stegoplatodon’ and ‘ipsumodon’ encounters at the same time it could get messy quick.Tetrodotoxin

IF you manage to successfully avoid all of the compsognathus mobs (haven’t seen anyone do it yet) you earn the “Deino-Ninja” achievement.Deino-Ninja

There are a few mini-events in other areas of the cavens too for which you can earn “The Not-So-Endless Caverns” achievement..The Not-So-Endless Caverns
..I keep forgetting to investigate the rest of the caves!

Anything with “stegoplatodon” in the name will cast “Tail Swipe” this is a rear piercing attack that can and will one-shot you if you’re squishy. This isn’t AoE blockable either.

Anything with “ipsumodon” in the name will cast “Armor-Plated Colision” this is a frontal crushing knock-back but doesn’t seem to do much damage, could become a pain if you’re pulling several of them at once and get some “compsognathus” at the same time.

Huntmaster Au’mari:

If squishy, body pull the nearby adds as they will put several stacking debuffs on you that reduce max HP. Otherwise this is tank and spank, he summons adds which do heat/elemental damage but this seems easily DPS’d/healed through.Disable Prey

The Swamp Mother:

When you pull the encounter it takes a few seconds before The Swamp Mother becomes attackable, tanks may want to encounter taunt the adds and then switch to The Swamp Mother when she starts moving.

The “newly-hatched carnivodocus” do piercing and crush damage while The Swamp Mother’s casts “Swamp Broth” which is poison/nox damage. The adds have the “Mother’s Protection” buff while in proximity to The Swamp Mother. It’s pretty much Pure tank and spank, just kill The Swamp Mother first and then switch to the adds.Mother's Protection


If that way inclined (and you have decent DPS output) you can pull the adds and kill as many of them on the “other” isle before the The Swamp Mother becomes aggro and heads over and they get the damage reduction. Doesn’t really make any odds tho.

Gra’ta the Mountain:

When you attack, he will summon all ipsumodon’s in the region. This can be handled a few different ways. You can either pull him and kill all at once, track down and kill all the trash first or if you have a class capable of feigning death.. attack the name and then FD, as long as you’re a distance from him the name will reset but all the trash will come to you at once. Your choice.

If you’re doing everything at once, be prepared for a lot of knockbacks (frontal from the name, frontal from all the ipsumodons) – the tank will want his large range threat AoEs (Grave Sacrement, Plant etc) ready. IF you kill Gra’ta before killing any of his adds, you get the “Knocked Around” achivement.Knocked Around

The tank should pull the name and put his back to a wall. Gra’ta will begin the fight with ‘Super Collider’ a frontal knockback, he will cast this again every 60s.

Gra’ta will cast “Blunt Retaliation” every 60s, this isn’t AoE blockable or interruptible hits hard and is an un-curable elemental that reduces healing by 75%. It can be healed through (Shaman’s / Channelers seem to have the easiest time doing this) and/or stoneskinned (SK’s Hateful Respite works well) but if you’re squishy you should joust out.Blunt Retaliation

Beastmaster Kau’mua & Ceracuspis:

You should clear the surrounding area first or he will call the tamed mobs and the Allu’thoa group behind and to the side of him to assist him. Alternatively let them all come but you’ll need some 15m+ DPS and will want to kill the ‘tame stegoplatodon’ first (as it tail swipes) and the Allu’thoa group (as they can AoE heal the name).

This is a linked encounter. Beastmaster Kau’mua will occasionally cast “Nature’s Vitality” to heal himself, this can be interrupted. While the Beastmaster is alive, Ceracuspis will charge at random group members (indicated by a red circle on the floor). There is a spot behind the mounts where everyone can stack without fear of being knocked-back, suggest you just stay there and heal through the charge.

After the Beastmaster dies, Ceracuspis will gain a buff called “Mounting Rage”, this buff increments and causes him to do more and take more damage. As long as you kill him before he kills the tank you’ll be fine. He’ll also cast “Tricerrated Trample” which is a crushing frontal knock-back.. at this point the tank can spin him or everyone can safely move behind him. He will continue to cast this roughly every 10 seconds whenever he’s in range.Mounting Rage

Kindred of Mo’iana & Mo’iana the Ravanous:

When you attack the “Kindred of Mo’iana” you begin a 3-wave ring event (the first encounter being the first wave), after you have killed all 3 encounters Mo’iana the Ravanous will enter from the ramp to the west and after eating ‘a bound adventurer’ will immediately aggro the group.

Things you need to know..
The rest of the group should spread around the name with the healer preferably in the middle so they’re within heal range of everyone.. everyone should be 10m away from everyone else. If you don’t do this and stack together he will continually AoE / punt you into the air. Every 6 seconds he will cast “Stomping Grounds” which is a group-wide trauma that does crushing damage and decreases multi-attack and double-cast.. It might also do additional damage if it lands before the previous has been cured.Stomping Grounds

Everyone needs to have their detriments window open as he will periodically curse the entire group. 5 will get “Minor Parasitic Infection” and 1 person in the group will get “Major Parasitic Infection” – the latter must be called and cured as quickly as possible, the detriment icon is shown below, if this isn’t cured before it expires (which takes roughly 6 seconds?) you’ll take heavier nox damage and 10 or 15 seconds later “an adult parasite” add will appear which also does huge disease/noxious damage and should be burned quickly (the tank is normally forced to target the parasite), this isn’t a fail condition if you have high enough noxious resists but it does make the healers life a lot more difficult. The curse is re-cast every 67 seconds (so it always gives enough time for your cure curse to refresh).
Major Parasitic Infection Minor Parasitic Infection

At the 20% mark he will gain the “Cretaceous Hunger” buff and if anyone is closer than 10m to anyone else he will name and shame them with red text and “charge” them, depending on your gear and heals this is either a one-shot or can be healed through. If he successfully kills someone he will likely life-tap back up to 30% or more. He will charge every 20s if someone is too close.Cretaceous Hunger

If you are rezzed after the 20% mark, make your first priority to get back into position 10m away from everyone else. [To find out how far you are from people you can go to Options -> User Interface -> Name and Chat Bubble -> check Distance to Target.]

The following ACT trigger will tell you who has needs Major Parasitic Infection curing..

<Trigger R="Mo'iana the Ravenous' Major Parasitic Infection hits (?<cTarget>\w+)" SD="Cure ${1}" ST="3" CR="T" C="Zavith'loa: The Lost Caverns [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />