Zavith’loa: The Hidden Caldera

General Information:

If you’re planning to mass pull mob’s, ensure you (or your DPS) target and kill/interrupt any Augur’s first. They can AoE heal surrounding encounters to full health.

Defender Honu:

Has a frontal “Frontal Assault” and a rear-attack “Rear Guard”, if you haven’t replaced your ToV gear yet both of these can hit quite hard. He cast’s “Rear Guard” roughly every 10 seconds, anyone behind him will be knocked back and take crushing damage.

The tank can pull him across the bridge so you have a bigger area to work with , or tank him where he stands and the group can put their backs to the wall on the right.

There are a few ways of dealing with “Rear Guard”, the tank can spin him on the spot until he finishes casting, the DPS can move in front until he finishes casting or you can AoE block it!.. it gets messy if you haven’t co-ordinated this first (i.e the tank spins the mob and the DPS move so all you’ve done is reverse positions and the DPS still get knocked-back!

Pterotrainer Yu’lua:

Tank in the water he’s stood by. Primarily does piercing damage. Yu’lua will curse random group members with “Precise Puncture”, this curse starts off fairly low damage but it stacks/increments the more it’s cast on someone. Healers will want to cure anyone still in ToV armor or just ignore the curse.Precise Puncture

Roughly every 30 seconds-ish will summon “a trained pterrorsaur”, the add will cast “Pterror Swoop” a piercing AoE stifle (which is AoE blockable), this shouldn’t be a problem unless you have 3+ adds up at once.

Higher DPS groups can just ignore the adds and stay on the name.

Lower DPS groups will need to switch between the adds and the name as needed, but keep in minds this a race to kill the name before the curses stack up so much that it can’t be healed through.

Lavacrafter Peleanina, Augur Kaimanu, Obsidian Warrior Koa:

Augur is rooted in place and will heal the others.

Lavacrafter is slow moving and will periodically stop to cast “Summon Living Lava”, if he successfully does this you’ll also have slow moving “Living Lava” adds that do heavy damage to anyone in close proximity. The Lavacrafter will cast “Mark of Clotl’thoa” on whoever it’s targeting.Mark of Clotl'thoa

The Warrior will cast “Lava Blade” on whoever he’s targeting.. if the Lavacrafter and Warrior are targeting the same player you’ll see: “Lava Blade has detonated the Mark that Peleanina placed on <character>! You may need to keep these two focused on separate targets.” This will cause high heat/elemental damage (over 1 million depending on resists) and likely kill the target unless you have stoneskins or death prevents up.

Can be approached a number of ways.. if you’re a high DPS group, have the tank grab all three (standing where Augur is as rooted) and just DPS the Augur and the Lavacrafter down as quickly as possible, stoneskin and death-prevent as soon as the Mark detriment is up. Switch to the Warrior once they’ve both died.

If you haven’t got the DPS or death prevents to pull that off, have 1 person pull and kite (keeping aggro on) the Lavacrafter, this person should interrupt whenever you see them casting which will stop him spawning ‘living lava’ adds. Have everyone else go through the tank, the tank should target the Augur and keep the aggro on the Warrior at the same time. After the Augur has died, DPS switches to Lavacrafter and then finally the Warrior. Tank should be careful not to use encounter taunts on pull or whoever is trying to keep the Lavacrafter is going to struggle.

If you’re struggling with that, someone can instead drag the Lavacrafter up the ‘ramp’ out of line-of-sight of the Augur so he doesn’t get heals any more. The Lavacrafter doesn’t do much damage as long as you interrupt the adds he tries to summon.

Immediately after the council fight (Lavacrafter Peleanina, Augur Kaimanu, Obsidian Warrior Koa), you cross a rope bridge which was blocked by a barrier (removed by “Defiling the Icon”), you can earn the “Vantage Point” achievement by jumping on the rocks immediately in front of you and then climbing onto the platform above. You’ll know if you’re in the right place as you’ll also get disco!Vantage Point

Vantage Point Screenshot

High Priest Hamanu’akaloa:

Will periodically spawn a “Living Lava Golem” and “an explosive lava glob”.

When the glob hits 1HP it will pause for a second or two and then explode causing AoE heat/elemental damage. This can be AOE blocked and should be easily healed through if you meet the minimum resists for the zone (100k).

Basically burn both of them, if you’re struggling to heal through the explosion move the name away from the glob.

Finally keep the High Priest interrupted, if he successfully casts “Magma for Blood” he can heal himself for a huge chunk of health. He’s more likely to do this when the adds are up and will sometimes chain cast it.. it’s sometimes worth organising an order in which people interrupt so you’re not wasting them.

Fiery Effigy of Clotl’thoa:

Has a buff called “Lavatar”, upon pull he’ll start with 5 increments of this buff.Lavatar

Inside the lava he will take damage but the “Lavatar” buff steadily increments which causes him to dish out more damage (annoyingly after 5+ increments he also seems to gain a damage reduction). If this reaches 10 increments it can wipe the group due to the amount of damage he pulses.

He will lose stacks of “Lavatar” when outside of the lava but he will then start summoning adds and gain the “Obsidian Body” buff which reduces all damage by 99%Obsidian Body

While outside the lava Allu’thoa Hunters and Lavacrafters will spawn but the only important adds are the “fanatic Allu’thoa” which must be killed before they reache the name. If any reach the name, the name will heal by 10% HP each time. The “fanatic Allu’thoa” will heal themselves over time too but they have very little HP and should die quickly. There can be multiples of these mobs up and they are trackable if that makes your life easier.

Essentially you’re pulling him in and out of the pool as necessary. The easiest strat seems to be to immediately pull him out of the pool, if everyone stays near the tank the adds will make their way to you and the tank can pick them up with ease. The adds don’t really do too much damage tho so you can run around and melee or range the adds.. just make sure you stay within heal range.

Everyone should be keeping an eye out for and killing “a fanatic Allu’thoa” as soon as they pop.

As soon as “Lavatar” has dropped to 0, pull him back into the pool and go for a heavy burn, if you’re fortunate (hope you got a nice RO charge off the trash before hand!) you’ll have enough DPS to kill him before “Lavatar” increments too much, if not just pull him out of the lava again, rinse and repeat.

There is an achievement for allowing the Lavatar buff to increment to 10 at least once during the fight, “El Avatar”.El Avatar