The Lost Hunt

Click on the dead carcass at -3,944, -87.57, 89.73 to begin the Event. When you do this, compsognathus will swarm towards the carcass and eat it. These are non-aggro to begin with.

You can kill them as they spawn (the easier option as you can control their numbers more easily, they will debuff whoever they attack with “Tetrodotoxin” which increases the damage you take)
Or you can wait until they have finished eating the carcass and they aggro the group (in which case the tank will need a big AoE snap and the tank and healer will need to rotate temps, you will have to have enough DPS to kill them before the temps expire because of the sheer amount of Tetrodotoxin debuffs you’ll have stacked on you).. during this time more waves of compsognathuses will come. There are 78 individual mobs in total. If you successfully do this, you’ll get the “Compy Stomp” achievement.
Compy Stomp

After this, 2x elite “Allu’thoa prowler” and 2x “elite Allu’thoa trackers” will approach from the bushes behind the carcass. You can either wait for them to reach the carcass and attack, or pull them straight away but keep in mind that 2 of them will be rooted on pull.

After this, you’ll get several more waves.. “Allu’thoa ravener”, “Allu’thoa rider” (when attacked will split into “an armored raptor mount” too).

The Unnamed Hunter:

Pretty much tank and spank. Will periodically emote “You will not even sssee me coming!” at which point he will teleport to a random group member and hit them with “Inverse-Decimate Prey” a fairly heavy hitting piercing attack, he seems to favour doing this to cloth casters. Several seconds after this he will root and cast “Feral Whirlwind” an AoE curse which cannot be blocked. You can either joust out to avoid this or heal through it.
Feral Whirlwind

There are now several waves of “an Allu’thoa deino-tyrant” which come with 2 pets, “a cowed steoplatadon” and “a subjugated pterrorsaur” – you should burn the “Allu’tho deino-tyrant” first as his pets have the “Defensive Command” damage reduction buff until his dies.. after the deino-tyrant dies the pets gain the “Maternal Furor” buff instead
Defensive Command Maternal Furor

Scytheclaw & Boneskull:

Scytheclaw will immediately attack, Boneskull tends to lag behind a little bit. As always, the tank should turn them. This is a simple tank and spank. Boneskull will cast “Tricerrated Trample” a frontal which stacks/increments but is easily healed through unless you’ve got really poor DPS.
Tricerrated Trample

Littlefoot & Petri:

Petri will occasionally fly away. Littlefoot casts “Earthshaker” which will affect you if you’re stood in any of the areas indicated on the floor. This is AoE blockable. Petri casts “Ptero Root”. Pretty much tank and spank, just kill Littlefoot first after which Petri will stop flying away.
Earthshaker Ptero Root

Sharptooth & Maw:

This fight is a lot easier with some good DPS behind you as it’s more or less a race to kill them named before you are swarmed with compsognathuses.

If you just turn the mobs, you will get the message “Coming at you from the same side, the twin tyranodons attack in perfect unison, dealing greatly increased damage!” they’ll do more damage and the knock-back is more likely.

If you can position it so your tank is between them and they’re facing each other, i.e Sharptooth -> Tank <- Maw … you will instead get “Not used to fighting at such an odd angle, and unable to make use of their stunted arms, the two giant lizards smash their heads together, stunning one another!” and they won’t hit quite as hard.

You need to keep them between 10% HP of each other because when either of them dies, the other gets the “Anguish” buff which it makes it a lot harder to burn the other.Anguish

If they haven’t died within 90 seconds (or it might be % based, we’ve never been 100% sure), compsognathuses will begin to spawn and swarm and hit you with the Tetrodotoxin debuff so the tank will either want AoE snaps and temps up to grab everything – or to allow the compsognathuses to debuff other group members rather than himself.