Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum

130k resists is the bare minimum for this zone, 140k preferred.. any less and you’re likely going to need 2 healers to survive “Will of the Senshali”. You might find that a nox banner helps for the first fight.

Pov Xin’Kaas:

You’ll want to (at least) clear the trash around the ramp up to the first name, if not clear all the trash to avoid add complications. The trash hits hard so try to keep the Akhevan’s and the Grimlings separate when pulling as the various debuffs each cast won’t help! You can likely pull one or two groups (or more) of each as long as you’re not getting mixed groups.

He’s rooted in place and does a vicious noxious frontal attack called “Vex’Kaas Toxin” every 5 seconds – Guardian “Dragoon’s Reflexes” seems to block this, the Shadowknight equivalent “Shadowknights Furor” should block this too. We’ve had pulls where Tortoise Shell and Bladedance seem to help too but haven’t made a decision about that yet!

Every 20% HP, he will port the entire group to a black room (he will do this 3 times in total), while here the group will have the “Dark Atrophy” detriment (decreases Mitigation of target vs elemental damage by 9500-10500) and 6 “a Senshali Shadow” will attack which (unsurprisingly) do fairly heavy cold damage. The adds also have a buff called “Shadowbound”, each time an add dies, the remaining adds get an increment to this buff.
Dark Atrophy ShadowBound

The tank should pick up all adds and everyone should DPS through the tank and concentrate on one add.. when the add is close to death EVERYONE except 1 person should turn their auto-attack off.. anyone that has pets should make sure they are not set to attack. Please note this isn’t strictly necessary but it’s the most fool-proof way of ensuring the group doesn’t wipe.

The person that lands the killing blow on the add is returned to where the name is.. the named now has the “Shadow Meditation” buff, he will remain rooted and will not attack anyone.. if you damage him while everyone is still in the black room it’s a wipe.
Shadow Meditation

The person that has ported back should now click on “<Playername’s> listless body” this will bring them back to the real world.. if they still have auto-attack on or pets are set to protect, they will likely hit the name and wipe the group. Bring all the DPS back first with the healer and tank being last (in that order).

If you see “Pov Xin’Kaas’ concentration has faltered, killing everyone left in the shadows!” before everyone is out of the black zone, someone or something has hit the name too early. You will get the same emote when the last person, presumably the tank, is brought out of the shadows and the name is damaged. To make life easier on the tank, try to arrange for a temp buff to be running for when he comes back (Dragoons, Furor, TShell, BD etc).

Rinse and repeat until 25%. At 25% he will begin casting “Will of the Senshali” on completion this will knock-back and put an un-curable noxious on the group that does around 1.3m noxious damage every 5 seconds.. with 140k resists this was translating to anywhere between 200-700k each time it hit. If you stay on the platform it’s hard to control where you get knock-back’d to and if the group gets split from the healer you’re likely to die in short order so as soon as he starts casting “Will of the Senshali” the entire group should drop off the platform and make sure they are together.. the name will un-root and (hopefully) immediately run for the tank. This is (again) time for any available temps (Dragoons, Furor, TShell, BD etc) the tank should be positioned to grab and spin the name as quickly as possible, everyone else should be close but in a position where the frontal won’t hit them. Burn him down.
Will of the Senshali


Is rooted in place and has a 75% damage reduction.
Scales of Stone

Every 15% he will cast a different AoE (which isn’t interruptable or blockable)..
“Stonefang fills each room with clouds of poisonous dust!” = “Poisons Dust Cloud”
“Stonefang starts shedding his stoney scales!” = “Shed Scales”
You can see him start casting it, everyone should get out of the room and out of line-of-sight of the mob before he has finished casting it.. once it’s finished casting you can move immediately back into the room.

If you stay out of the room for too long, he will summon adds, “Stonescale cobras attack from the nearby rock piles while members of your party linger outside!” – for each add up, the group will get the incrementing “Crushing Defense” detriment.. you’ll likely want to burn the adds before returning to the name.

Rinse. Repeat.

There are some ACT triggers below for the lazy which will warn you to get out of the room etc.

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000Stonescale cobras emerge from the piles of rocks!" SD="Adds incoming" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FFFF00Stonefang fills each room with clouds of poisonous dust!" SD="Get out of room" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FFFF00Stonefang starts shedding his stoney scales!" SD="Get out of room" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

Kessatras Sonssiu:

Upon pull the group will get the uncurable “Dominate Mana” detriment which drains power if any group member is beyond 15m of each other.
Dominate Mana
Periodically casts a (curable) arcane fear spell.. Manic Mind, this has a fairly long cast time so it can (and should be) pre-cured if possible. Seems to do this every 5% or 10%. As the fight progresses the name will chain-cast this between 1 and 3 times in a row. Toggling run and crouch off and on (depending on whether you need to move or not!) works fine.
Manic Mind

Periodically she will fill the room with click-able copies of herself, these can also spawn in the room behind her. One person will get the “Hypnotic Vision” and will be able to see through her eyes.. this person must describe to everyone where they are. Someone else must locate that person/statue and click on it.. if you click on the correct statue, the name will return and you can continue fighting. If you click on the wrong, you’ll get an “Kessatra’ Illusion” add.
Hypnotic Vision

It seems easier to ensure that DoTs are left ticking on the name, when she ports away, just look up and move towards whichever statue is taking damage.

You’ll get the “Can’t Fool Me” achievement if you successfully pick the correct statue each time.
Can't Fool Me

Kesa’Tra Xon’Xiu:

Has a buff called “Cloud Minds” that reduces every group members mana pool by 20% on a death.
Cloud Minds

Tank the name where it stands. Periodically 4x group members will be given “Kel’Kaas Sight” and ported to the middle of the room, you will see lots of “carrion reapers” moving towards you, as long as you stay in the dead center of the circle, the “Reapers” cannot reach you and they should die/disappear as they hit the outer ring of the circle. If a “carrion reaper” touches you, it will likely one-shot you (hit Kerisal for 1.7m cold damage)
Kel'Kaas Sight

She periodically ports around the room and spawns several “an echo reflection” and then ports back into the center.. you should stop the “echo reflections” from reaching her by moving into them (stoneskin, ward, dodge when doing this etc), when you do this you take moderately heavy magic damage and power drain via “Mana Shatter”. If you manage to stop a single “echo reflection” from reaching her you’ll get the “Preventive Measure” achievement. If an “echo reflection” does reach her, she (presumably) casts a heavy hitting attack (we haven’t failed it yet)
Preventative Measure


Through-out the fight, green bubbles will appear at players feet. I’m reliably informed that the bubbles only appear at the feet of the person with the most hate on the main (x4) name.. as long as the tank is keeping aggro on that name too, the bubbles should only appear at this feet (which makes this whole encounter a LOT easier). You should move out of these immediately or you get “Aqueous Spores” an uncurable noxious that interrupts casting. Even after moving out of the bubbles this can take 5-10 seconds to drop off. If a healer gets this, you’re going to struggle.. Bards should pop Deadly Dance (or healers can use their new ‘no-interrupt’ ability).
Aqueous Spores

Rhag’Vozgath has a buff called “Shackles of Death”, every time the curse is cured and passes to someone else it causes the “Death Shackles” curse to do more damage..
Shackles of Death Pestilence Shield

“Death Shackles” curse is immediately put on one player in the group. If you let it expire, it spreads to another person.. at this point it will likely spread to the rest of the group (and unless you have some godlike heals, you may as well reset the encounter). If you cure it before it expires it MOVES to another person instead. The curse has a duration of roughly 90 seconds so it seems you can simple cure curse every time it’s up but each time you do this it will start doing more damage. It’s up to you to decide if you have the DPS to just cure whenever it’s available or whether to time it and communicate as a group to cure it when the curse is closer to expiring.Death Shackles

If you move into the ‘circle’ in the middle of the room, you will be hit with “Temporal Imbalance” and ported to the entrance of the room.. this is easily accidentally done when killing the Summoners so you’ll need to pay attention.Temporal Imbalance

You start the fight by attacking Rhag’Vozgath (x4) – you should ensure you have a stoneskin or death prevent up on pull or he will kill the tank. Whenever you kill a Shissar (Toz Nak Xakra, Vhen Ras Centien) you will need a stoneskin or death prevent as he will un-root to attack the tank – “The Arch Lich breaks from the portal to tear apart his greatest aggressor!”

After pull, “Rhag’Vozgath” will root and become immune to all damage and the other mobs in the room become aggro/attackable. 2x Toz Nak Xakra (Summoners) will be rooted and cast “Eom’Fer Explosion” every 30s. They have a buff which causes this to do more damage the further away you are from them.Projection of Eom'Fer

“Vhen Ras Centien” (Warrior) will immediately attack the party. When he says, “Despair I bring onto you!” he will soon begin casting something which ports the tank away and memwipes, tanks need to be ready to snap back, everyone else should be ready to detaunt. He does this roughly every 10% HP. If you’re struggling to see the emote, the following trigger may help..

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;aNPC -?\d+ [^:]+:Vhen Ras Centien&#92;&#92;/a says, &quot;Despair I bring onto you!&quot;" SD="Memwipe incoming" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

After he dies, you move onto the Summoners..
At 80% HP they will summon 1x “a portal defender”
At 60% HP they will summon 2x “a portal defender”
At 40% HP they will summon 3x “a portal defender”
At 20% HP they will summon 4x “a portal defender”
At 0% HP they die because thank ****.

Depending on the kind of DPS and heals you’re putting out, you can either stay on the Summoner or switch to the portal defenders. Again, after each Summoner dies, Rhag’Vozgath will un-root and smack the tank, you must have stoneskins and death prevents ready.

Once both the Summoners have died, the portal will appear and you’ll have a very short breather until Rhag’Vozgath splits into 2 and the bubbles on the floor will stop appearing.. Rhag’Yalzzen has a buff called “Infected Coating” which steadily increments, you’ll want to use “Serene Symbol” to keep this under control and you’ll want to kill this name as quickly as possible. It seems “Absorb Magic” didn’t work on this name.
Infected Coating

Rhag’Vozgath will cast an AoE called “Flaying Strikes” every 30s. It indicates that it’s fatal to fighters struck by it twice in succession but we seemed to be either really lucky with the AoE blockers and stoneskins or it isn’t actually fatal. He emotes before doing this, “Rhag’Vozgath shows his fangs!” – 5 seconds later he will cast “Flaying Strikes”. If this is causing you issues, the following trigger may help..
Flaying Strikes

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;aNPC -?\d+ [^:]+:Rhag'Vozgath&#92;&#92;/a shows his fangs!" SD="Flaying Strikes incoming" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

If you’re a lunatic, there’s an achievement for having one of each class die from the Aqueous Spores (bubble puddles) on this encounter, “Dead Pool”.
Dead Pool