Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains

General Information:

“A malicious construct” will cast “Skull Crush”, this isn’t interruptable and can hit for over 1m, if you get a group with 2 malicious constructs they can both hit at the same time and it get’s ugly fast, tanks will need to be cycling temps on these encounters.

“A malice devotee” will summon 3 limited pets to assist it, “Spinning Bones”.. these do huge damage to anyone with range of them, if they pop, joust out. They also have an incrementing buff called “Malicious Devotion” which increments throughout the encounter.
Spinning Bones Malicious Devotion
“A malicious bonecaster” will curse random group members with ‘Touch of Malice’, this can stack on one person, it is easily healed through (suspect there’s a 0 missing off the buff). It will also cast “Mass Drain” an uncurable elemental that can hit 3 people at once, upon expiration it will heal the mob, you should stay spread out to avoid this or use AoE blockers.
Touch of Malice Mass Drain

“an inquisitor of malice” will curse group members with “Wanton Malice”, with appropriate resists this is easily healed through.
Wanton Malice

“a devoted sacrifice” will curse the entire group with “Malicious Aura”, this curse can stack..Malicious Aura

The Sanguine Fiend:

To spawn “The Sanguine Fiend” (this is the gargoyle immediately in-front of you when you zone-in) you must clear the first room and the entire balcony behind the name.

You need a chanter/troub and/or another mage class for ease.

Roughly every 20 seconds The Sanguine Fiend will cast “Harden Bones” on himself which increases his base attack and defense.. If a cloth class does not “absorb magic” within 5~ seconds he will gain the “Hardened Bones” buff which cannot be dispelled and increments every time you fail to dispel “Harden Bones” in time. With just 2 or 3 increments of “Hardened Bones” he will start hitting for 1m+
Harden Bones Hardened Bones 2

He will periodically summon “A Sanguine Welp”, this must be mezzed and kept away from the name. If it reaches the name it turns into an identical copy of “The Sanguine Fiend” and is pretty much a wipe for the average geared group. Go single-focus to avoid breaking mez. Indirect AoEs (blues) should NOT break mez. Green (encounter) AoE’s and taunts will. We had several issues with the mez breaking regardless.

Stay out of the red areas. Stay inside the blue areas.
“The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters in front of him! WATCHOUT!” Get out of the frontal red cone.
“The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters behind him! WATCHOUT!” Get out of the rear red cone.
“The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters close to him! WATCHOUT!” Get out of the red circle.
“The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters far from him! WATCHOUT!” Get inside the blue circle.

Just keep on the named, stay out (or in!) the indicated areas and keep the add away from the name and this is really easy.

Better equipped groups will be able to just pull whelps that pop and stay on the name but without sufficient heals and DPS this can get ugly quick when you have several whelps casting AoEs (i.e one might cast the red circle to joust out while another casts the blue circle to joust in.. there’s no escape!)

ACT Triggers for the lazy (like me)..

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters behind him! WATCHOUT!" SD="Get out" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters close to him! WATCHOUT!" SD="Get out of circle" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters far from him! WATCHOUT!" SD="Get inside circle" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000The Sanguine Fiend aims his splinters in front of him! WATCHOUT!" SD="Get out" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

D’Nari the Bone Sculptor:

Comes with 2x “Sculpted Bones”. Upon pull the group will immediately get an uncurable detriment, “Deathly Gasp”.Deathly Grasp

D’Nari the Bone Sculptor starts with 1 increment of “Touch of Death”, if he successfully casts “Disorientate Soul” this will increment. At 4+ increments it becomes hard to heal through. “Disorientate Soul” cannot be interrupted so the name must be kept stifled/stunned/mezzed at all times OR you need high enough DPS to kill him before it becomes an issue.
Touch of Death Disorientate Soul

2 ways of doing this fight depending on whether the script is working or not.
1. Run in, tank and spank and keep stifled, it seems as long as you do not move AT ALL after pull then the black circles do nothing.

2. If the black circles start effecting you, everyone will have to move when this happens. Keep him stifled. Joust the circles. Burn the “Sculpted Bones”. Burn the name.

Ritualist K’Deru:

Clear the mobs around the room before pulling, if you can you may as well pull the mobs from the corridor leading to the next room too as it’s very easy to accidentally tag these with AoE procs like Riftblade if she ports to a nearby corner. Coercers “Sever Hate” works perfectly for long range pulls without getting the name too.

Tag the name so it’s easily identifiable (/tagtarget skull). She will randomly port group members around the room and put a noxious detriment on them ‘Avoid Disruption’ which is curable. Every 20% she will port away and spawn dopplegangers of herself, ignore these (they will stay where they are) and continue to burn her, she will attempt to ‘Summon Arch Fiend’ shortly after she ports, if you see her casting anything, interrupt it or she will summon an x2 mob.Avoid Disruption

High Inquisitor V’Raudin:

If you die on this fight, you cannot be resurrected.
Reviving and running back likely has severe consequences. This is assuming you can even make it back to the group as the un-curable detriment will hit you even at the zone entrance if you revive.

Upon pull the group will get an un-curable detriment, “Priestly Suppression”, this is easily healed through at the beginning but gets difficult if you’re a low DPS group and “Divine Misguidance” has stacked up.Priestly Suppression

At the beginning of the fight he’ll cast “Enact Charge”, doesn’t seem to be interruptible so he’ll need to be kept stunned/stifled or it will drain a group member of their power.

If he successfully drains someone of their power, he’ll then cast “Deliver Verdict” which does heavy focus damage and will kill that person, you’ll be down a group member for the rest of the fight. Don’t let your power dip too low at any point in the fight (no Mana Burn etc) or he’ll do the same thing to them. If you continually ‘Absorb magic’, you can power-drain him which helps to stop him from casting anything further.

Every 15 seconds he’ll try to cast “Deliver Judgement”, this must be interrupted or blocked or it’s a group-wide stun/stifle that lasts roughly 10 seconds.Deliver Judgement

Every 30 seconds he says, “Let’s use that damage against you… Heal me up, won’t you?” and casts “Vengeful Faith” a few seconds later, this is a reactive heal. You can either completely stop DPS (and dispel?) then continue, or just burn through it.. it was healing him for a few % each time. We’ve never had to stop DPS. If for whatever reason you decide to go down the stop DPS route, the following trigger may be useful..

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;aNPC -?\d+ [^:]+:High Inquisitor V'Raudin&#92;&#92;/a says, &quot;Let's use that damage against you\.\.\. Heal me up, won't you\?&quot;" SD="Stop DPS" ST="3" CR="T" C="Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

When the adds die, the name will put a stacking detriment on all group members called “Divine Misguidance” which increments roughly every 30 seconds, this increases all damage done to target by 50% and decreases Crit Bonus and Potency by 25%.. if you’re a low DPS group you don’t want to deal with this until absolutely necessary. So keep the adds up for as long as possible. If the adds are still up when the name is at 30%ish he will stop taking damage until the adds are killed.Divine Misguidance

So keep your power up, keep the name interrupted/stifled, single-focus the name until he’s fairly low, switch SF off at 50%~ and heavy burn the name/adds.

The Embodiment of Gore:

Pull the name to the bottom of the stairs near the fountain. Upon pull the group will get an uncurable detriment, “Bloody Spray” which does pulsing magic damage.Bloody Spray

20 seconds into the encounter he will get a buff called “Enriched Blood” the tank should have stoneskins ready and a mage must dispel/absorb magic this quickly – as he will hit a LOT harder. If this isn’t dispelled within 10 seconds he will gain a permanent buff that can increment called “Blood Infusion”. If any group members dies, this same buff will increment. It isn’t necessarily a wipe but it’s much harder to heal through. If you dispel this successfully he will recast “Enriched Blood” 90 seconds later each time (I set up a 90s ACT timer and now trigger it using “/act timer repeat-90s-timer” (see http://advancedcombattracker.com/faq.php?id=3) and use the TimerRepeatPlugin to keep tabs on this, can then give everyone a heads up about 5-10 seconds before the next dispel is needed)
Enriched Blood Blood Infusion

Every 60 seconds he will cast “Pray for Your Life!” on a random group member regardless of their range. This requires 2 cures to remove, it cannot be self-cured by a healer so a caster must cure the healer.Pray for your Life

At 90% (and every 10% after that) 4x “sanguine spray” will spawn in the fountain, these must be killed before they reach the name or he heals (and I think it might cause Blood Infusion to increment too?)

At 80% (and every 20% after that) he will spawn “A Bone Fiend” in one of the side alcoves – this must be killed within 25 seconds or it becomes a ^^^ and then a ^^^ epic. I suspect this is bugged at the moment as on our pulls it did no damage and despawned at the next 20%. With this in mind we just had someone grab aggro on the Bone Fiend to keep it where it was and then switch back to the name.

This fight can likely go a few different ways depending on the sort of DPS you’re putting out.. if you can drop the name by 10% before the sanguine sprays reach the name, just burn the name and ignore the adds. Otherwise, you need someone kill the sprays before they reach the name and a heavy burn on the bone fiends at each 20% mark.

After the “Embodiment of Gore” has been killed, you can earn the “Come On In the ummmm Water’s Fine” achievement by having the entire group swim in the blood fountain.Come On In the ummmm Water's Fine

You can earn the “It smells like BBQ” achievement by going to the first balcony and using the same short-cut most groups use in Ossuary: Resonance of Malice, jump onto the “skirting board”, then onto the small pillar, you can then jump onto the larger pillar and then finally the brazier (highlighted in the screenshot below)It Smells Like BBQ

It Smells Like BBQ Screenshot