Ossuary: Resonance of Malice

General Information:

There is an achievement right at the entrance of the zone, if you jump on the skirting of the wall and then onto the giant skeleton statue, you can gradually jump/climb your way onto his shoulders for the “On the Shoulders of Giants’ achievement.On the Shoulders of Giants

Any groups that include “a cultist sacrificer” should be avoided (so don’t turn left and down the stairs at the beginning of the zone!) – there is something seriously screwy with these encounters. It doesn’t matter what HPS you put out, these mobs will practically one-shot the entire group. We’ve watched what they cast and looked at the parse and there’s no indication what the fail condition/killing effect is so we just completely avoid those mobs now.

“A malicious effacer” will AoE debuff your noxious resists by 50% (Resonating Suppression), these groups also normally include a “Primordial Malice Cultist” who will AoE debuff your arcane resists by 50% (Deathly Chant) and “an ascended sentry” which casts (stacking but curable) “Piercing Vail” on the entire group. Unsurprisingly their primary damage is disease/magic respectively. Some encounters will have 2 malicious effacers in which are a little harder to heal through. Suggest you burn the effacer and then cultist or sentry.
Deathly Suppresion Resonating Suppression
Piercing Veil

Any groups that includes ‘a fanatical zealot’ should prioritize killing the zealot – they will cast Inquisition which cannot be interrupted.. this is a curable curse. They can and will curse each group member given the chance. If the tank is cursed and curses start to stack up on the group, the other cursed group members should move away from the encounter so the mobs are not healed or it’s going to be a slow and boring fight.

You’ll occasionally come across roaming “a restless factotum”, these do practically no damage but they will put “Bounding Reach” on the entire group reducing your range by 50%, they will also cast “Cleanse” roughly every 20~ seconds which is capable of dispelling your maintained effects.Bounding Reach

Praetor Pheris:

Ensure you have cleared the surrounding area first. Tank him in the ‘middle of the balcony’. Upon pull the group will get the un-curable detriment “Deafening Silence”.Deafening Silence

Also immediately on pull a random group member will get a curable trauma, “Cursed Resonation”, this must be cured within 8 seconds or death prevented/stone skinned. If it’s allowed to naturally expire the player will be hit with “Entombed Silence” which can do anywhere from 2x to 10x their max HP in damage. This can be pot cured if your healer is snowed under, just keep on top of those trauma & elemental cures!Cursed Resonation

Periodically casts “Enact Silence”, an elemental stifle which can be mage cured. Mages should prioritize curing the healer. Healers can somewhat mitigate ‘Enact Silence’ by using anti-stifle runes or (in Wardens case) casting Tranquility on themselves etc, Crusaders “Zealous Smite” can also still cure when stifled etcEnact Silence

Every 25% (75%, 50%, 25%) he will port and root himself in one of the alcoves on the side and begin casting “Bonewall” the group must run into the alcove (tank first, as the named is rooted his hate list goes out of whack.. now is a good time for Bards to use the new AoM prestige “Quick Tempo” for an in-combat runspeed bonus) once the “Bonewall” he erects has exploded, the tank should pull him back into the middle (so you’re always ready to run back to either alcove).

If the Bonewall explodes before you reach the name after a port, you’ll likely die to massive trauma damage. Any deaths during this encounter cause the “Bonewall” to be erected faster and faster. Rinse, repeat!

After you’ve killed him, I suggest you jump on the skirting of the wall, from here you can jump onto the balcony shelf and from there you can jump into the middle of the next room to avoid some trash.

Elder Senistus Verish:

Clear any mobs you feel will be a problem in the surrounding area, you can tank him in the circle or pull back to one of the walls but one way or another you need a big enough area to move in without anyone fat-assing more adds, there can be a lot of movement in this encounter but keep in mind you do NOT have to move far. Anyone that ends up pulling extra adds has likely panicked and moved too far!

Upon pull the group will get the un-curable detriment “Oppressive Gaze”.Oppressive Gaze

For the most part this is tank and spank but you must watch for him casting “Persecute”, when he begins casting this he will port all of the group to one spot, everyone (that can, one person with “Persecute” on them will be rooted) needs to move away from this spot immediately. At the end of the cast, a “Black pillar” will appear there. The rooted person is mostly immune to the Persecute damage but it will kill anyone else VERY quickly if you stand in it (i.e 152m in divine damage instantly). The biggest problem here is a lot of people tend to run too far and in different directions, more often than not accidentally pulling extra mobs at the same time.Persecute

Move as a group and stick close the healer as the un-curable detriment is still ticking away in the background. Wardens group immunity to root, “Nature Walk” can help keep the entire group together and within heal range. Bards can pop “Deadly Dance” etc too.

Do not stand next to the mob if the tank isn’t there. He will sometimes stay rooted after casting “Persecute” and as such it doesn’t matter how high the tank is on the hate list, he’ll smack the closest person.

Ursher K’dal, Achiun K’dal, Peris K’dal:

Ursher has a knock-back so tank in corner. Ursher has buff called “Touch of K’dal” which gives him 100% AE melee to anyone in front of him so keep him turned at all times.Touch of Kdal

Ursher forces the tank to target him via “Inconspicuousness”, this seems to be an AoE as it can affect others too.Inconspicuousness

The kill order is normally Achiun, Peris, Ursher.

The incoming damage at the start of the fight can spike a lot, as soon as Achiun dies this becomes a lot easier.

Periodically Achiun and Peris will port to different part of the room, keep an aye on both of them. If Achiun starts casting Bonespear (doesn’t cast it on every port) you must run to him and interrupt it.. it isn’t a fail condition but healers may struggle.Bone Spear

If Peris is stealthed, bring him out of stealth or he’ll assassinate someone (encounter taunts and DoTs work, Dagger Storm is perfect for bringing him out of stealth anywhere in the room); you may want to immediately use a positional detaunt as the distance to the tank often means they’ll go straight for you. You can use Vision Totem of the Butterfly / Vision Totem of the Owl to make it easier to see him if direct target if necessary.

Once Achiun dies the group receives the “Essence of Achiun” buff (+1000POT, +10000CC). When Peris dies the group receives the “Essence of Peris” buff (+1000CB, +10000CC). After this it’s pretty much tank and spank, if that way inclined you can grab the 2 sets of adds from the next room while you kill Ursher to pad your parse or RO etc.
Essence of Achiun Essence of Peris

Priestess Kelania D’zil:

Upon pull the group will get the un-curable “Malicious Aura” detriment which does cold damage.Malicious Aura

She casts “Preparation for Apocalypse” which puts a curable trauma on whoever has aggro. Preparation for Apocalypse

She also casts “Banshee Scream” which is a fairly hard hitting directional mental AoE, if your graphics settings are high enough you’ll see that as she starts casting it she’ll turn into a Banshee and face a specific direction.


Valdimus V’Derun:

Tank and spank although this is a heavy resist and heal check. 120k resists preferred if you follow the script, you’ll want 140-150k+ to ignore the script.

Tank the name where he is, the adds must die before he loses 20% HP. If the adds are still up at each 20% mark you’ll also get the “Tone of Pain” and “Tone of Death” detriments which causes the un-curable “Concerto of Malice” detriment to do more damage.. with 140k+ resists this is survivable but still a very heavy heal encounter. At each 20% mark he will revive the adds.
Concerto of Malice Tone of Pain
Tone of Death

After Valdimus is dead there is an achievement for climbing onto the top of the Pipe Organ, “Best Seat In the House”

Best Seat In The House

Screenshot of where you need to get to and what you can jump up on below..Best Seat In The House Screenshot