Castle Highhold: Thresinet’s Den

General information:

“a Shralok invader” – will cast “Crushing Bash” a knock-back, daze and memwipe. Just keep an eye out for it. The trash doesn’t hit hard so feel free to grab as many as you’re comfortable with.

“Shralok Medic” – will cast “Marrow Mend” an AoE reactive heal on nearby mobs that heals for 10% HP per hit. This should be interrupted OR it can be dispelled (Absorb Magic definitely works, not 100% sure about Serene Symbol)

Kladnog Shralok:

Roams the courtyard. Clear all the Shralok in the Courtyard before pulling him or he calls the rest to him, this isn’t a wipe but if you haven’t got some pretty decent DPS you’re going to struggle. At the least you may want to consider tracking down and killing the “Shralok Medics” so you don’t have to worry about the adds healing.

Casts “Skull Crush”, a knock-back, daze and memwipe trauma debuff, must be cured and snapped back by the tank as quickly as possible.

Curses whoever is within range with “Shralok Infection”, normally does this shortly after the memwipe. Isn’t a huge deal if the tank is cursed but any other group members should be cured immediately. Green puddles will spawn every 18s on anyone that has the curse. IF you stand in the green puddle you get “Disease Migration”, this is a curable noxious but it does heavy damage and dazes/stifles. If the healers get this and don’t have anti-daze/stifle runes, you’re stuffed.
Shralok Infection Disease Migration

We had the tank moving the name along one wall, moving each time a puddle spawned. Everyone else ranged him. As long as aggro is kept under control it’s a fairly simple fight.

Ferrin Quest – Clear the Curtain Wall:

Upon moving into the “Curtain Walls” you are given the “Clear the Curtain Wall” quest to kill 15 Urzarach in 5 minutes, these don’t hit hard at all.. just run along the curtain wall, grab 15 and burn them down.. you will earn the “Curtain Cleaner” achievement upon completion.Curtain Cleaner

Wrek Shralok:

You spawn him by kicking a pile of bones. Tank him where he stands. He has the “Brittle Bulwark” buff, when any damage is received he has a chance to put “Bone Fragmentation” on you, an incrementing arcane debuff that reduces CB, Pot and Attack speed, you’ll need to keep on top of the cures.
Brittle Bulwark Bone Fragmentation

At each end of the corridor he has a ‘brother’ which will start crawling towards him, the closer they get to him, his auto-attack multiplier and strikethrough increase (Shralok Surge). You can impede them by placing boxes in the way but beware of the traps that come out of the ceiling, these can port you back into the courtyard. If you have poor DPS, you’ll need to place the boxes to stop them reaching him. 14m+ DPS is pretty much the minimum for a burn. Beware as the ‘trap’ can spawn directly on top of the name.
Shralok Surge

If a brother reaches him, he will gain 1 increment of the “Strength in Numbers” buff, if the other brother reaches him this increments again and is much, much harder to heal through (presumably due to the riposte). If one of the brothers reaches him, you should pull the name down the corridor in the opposite direction of the other brother.Strength in Numbers

You will get the “Wrek Shop” achievement if you kill him before his brothers reach him.Wrek Shop

Vexven Mucktail:

Spawned by killing the mucktails skeletons (I think maybe specifically the Shaman’s?) that spawn in the courtyard, you’ll get 3 warnings as you clear the trash.. on the final warning the name will pop on top of you.
You’ve awakened the ghosts of Clan Mucktail!
The ghosts of Clan Mucktail are getting angrier!
The air thickens as a vengeful spirit approaches!
You have summoned the spirit of Vexven Mucktail!

You’ll start the fight with everyone cursed with “Vexven’s Suppression”. Healers and Tanks should be cured first if it’s affecting heals.
Vexven's Suppression Death Shield

Throughout the fight you will see red text..

“Vexven’s spirit has a taste for mana…” – be ready to interrupt the name or he will power drains the group and heal himself.
“Vexven hunts nearby for souls…” – you’re supposed to joust out. Wasn’t needed with a Defiler and Fury healing.
“Vexven hunts beyond for souls…” – you’re supposed to joust in. Wasn’t needed with a Defiler and Fury healing.
“The rabid spirit of Vexven draws out your hidden rage!” – an add for each person in the group pops, burn or ignore. You cannot target your own add (so if the tank looks like they’re targeting nothing, they’re likely targeting your add).

The following triggers may help..

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000The rabid spirit of Vexven draws out your hidden rage!" SD="Adds incoming" ST="3" CR="T" C="Castle Highhold: Thresinet&apos;s Den [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000Vexven hunts beyond for souls\.\.\." SD="Get in" ST="3" CR="T" C="Castle Highhold: Thresinet&apos;s Den [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000Vexven hunts nearby for souls\.\.\." SD="Get out" ST="3" CR="T" C="Castle Highhold: Thresinet&apos;s Den [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000Vexven's spirit has a taste for mana\.\.\." SD="Interrupt needed soon" ST="3" CR="T" C="Castle Highhold: Thresinet&apos;s Den [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />


You don’t have to clear the bottom floor or side-rooms but keep in mind that the mobs’s in the side-room will add depending on where you tank her! Your decision! The group will get the “Qworux’s Burden” un-curable detriment upon pull, it does moderately heavy pulsing damage depending on your distance from the name. Qworux's Burden
Tank with back to a wall as she casts “Cornered Charge” which is a frontal knockback. Will also occasionally cast “Mind Feed” on a single person, this is a curable arcane which does a massive power drain.Mind Feed

You’ll see she casts “Withdrawal” roughly every 20% and ports away to the top of the globe, when she does this the entire group will get the “Webwrap” detriment, at this point you have two options.. leave it or cure it. If it’s cured then 10x “A den guardarch” which dropped from the ceiling will become aggro and immediately target the person that cured it.. these seem immune to snaps. “The den guardians swarm upon Sarbella!”Webwrap

While Qworux is rooted above the globe, she will cast “Poison Spit” on random group members, a very hard hitting curable noxious damage & debuff which can increment, if it reaches 10 it instead turns into a curse. To be honest I’d be surprised if anyone stayed alive with it on them long enough for it to turn into a curse. After the adds are dead, you need to range her until she comes back.Poison Spit

Rinse and repeat until dead!


If anyone dies during this fight, she will begin to do pulse noxious damage, “Deadly Aura” to anyone within 5m range, further deaths increase the damage and the range.Soul Feast

1st phase of this fight is to make her attackable. She will be rooted in the middle of the room and have the “Noxious Mending” and “Necrotic Chitin” buffs. Do not attack her from the front or use any large AoE’s (Scouts must stop themselves from casting “Dagger Storm”, yes this is hard and someone will inevitably do it anyway.. it’s normally the Ranger) during the first part of this fight or she will put an un-curable noxious fear on you that hits like a truck.
Noxious Mending Necrotic Chitin

She will target anyone that isn’t behind the boxes. Someone must get close enough (but not too close or you’ll get the un-curable noxious fear) to melee attack her from behind, once you do this she will fall to the ground stunned and the 4 ‘deathden’ cocoons around the edge of the room become attackable. As each cocoon dies, 2 ‘undying chattel’ will pop, you can ignore these and stay on the cocoon. With 14m+ DPS the cocoon should die before Thresinet gets back up again. Rinse and repeat… on the last cocoon you’ll want to kill the adds before the cocoon, as soon as the final cocoon dies Thresinet will un-root and attack.

The 2nd phase of this fight is to kill her.
She will randomly memwipe, when she does this she will begin casting “Spinneret Strike”, this attack will “web” anyone behind her, when webbed you are rooted and cannot autoattack but can cast.. DPS should switch to and destroy the ‘web wrapping’ as quickly as possible. They die quickly. Assuming everyone is behind her when she casts it, the tank should move to everyone else and THEN snap her back. IF the tank just stays where he is and snaps back, she will web the entire group still behind her.

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;&#35;FF0000Thresinet ignores+" SD="Memwipe and Web" ST="3" CR="T" C="Castle Highhold: Thresinet&apos;s Den [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
She will randomly cast ‘Extract Life’, tanks should be watching and ready to use temps and healers should be ready to immediately cure curse on whoever it lands on.. the longer the curse is up, her “Necrotic Siphoning” buff increments, causing her to hit harder and heal herself.
Extract Life Necrotic Siphoning

At 30% HP, fresh hatchlings will begin to fall from the ceiling, the more of these are up, the more her “Frenzied Wrath” buff increments which improves her multi-attack and strike-through. You can kill these by stepping on them (just walk over them) like in the solo overland ferrin quest.
Frenzied Wrath

If you have the DPS for the tank to temp through Frenzied Wrath and ignore the fresh hatchlings, go for a straight burn at this point, you will earn the “Tread Carefully” achievement for doing this. If you haven’t got the DPS, you’ll need to have someone running around the room crushing hatchlings as they pop. Rinse repeat!Tread Carefully