Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack

General Information:

The vast majority of mobs in this zone are Swashbucklers and they all love to cast “Dashing Swathe” which applies “Knockdown”- this is a really irritating ability that results in a small knockback/stagger this will sometimes happen two or three times in a row and it’s easy to get knocked off ledges etc.Knockdown

Salty Dan the Lookout:

Upon pull the group will get the un-curable detriment “Abandon Ship”.Abandon Ship

Tag him with a skull so he’s easily identifiable (/tagtarget skull) and tank him at the bottom of the ramp from where he’s stood. He’ll periodically port away and be replaced with a ^^ version of himself, the ^^ clone will cast “Scuttle” which forces the group to target him. Switch back to the tagged name as quickly as possible. There can be pathing issues due to the layout of the ramps, adds spawning underneath the platform etc. He will also occasionally cast “Disarming Swat”, a mini-knockback/interrupt/daze that needs to be cured.. if you get knocked off the bottom ramp, the name can reset.Scuttle

Triage Medic Halen:

Upon pull the group will get the un-curable detriment “Triage”.Triage

Summons “a Bloodskull Guard” add every 25% and will heal himself until the add dies. He’ll emote “Hold them off while I tend to my wounds!” when he summons an add, the following trigger may help. You cannot damage him while the add is up.

\\aNPC -?\d+ [^:]+:Triage Medic Halen\\/a says, "Hold them off while I tend to my wounds!"

Casts a frontal curse called “Yellow Jack” which can increment, when curse is cured all increments are removed so the tank can allow this to increment to 4 or 5 before it becomes problematic.Yellow Jack

It’s pretty much a case of burn the add, burn the name, cure the curse when/if the tank calls for it or you think it’s needed.

There are occasions when the entire group has blown up in under 2 seconds, the only thing I noticed was a group member had what looked like an un-curable elemental/curse.

The parse has always shown that I’ve been killed by that group member (shows as \#FF0000<Playername> on the parse) – it hit for 570k disease damage 4 times in the space of 1 second and then the same again a second later – so if you get an un-curable curse/elemental that player should probably move away from the rest of the group!

For the achievement chasers among you, there is the “WEEEEEE!!!” achievement for riding the zipline that leads to the 2nd area 10 times (this doesn’t have to be in the same instance but you can evac or escape totem and ride it several times if you’re that way inclined.WEEEEEE!!!

Navigator Barius the Cursed:

Upon pull the group will get the un-curable detriment “Broken Compass”.Broken Compass

He periodically casts an un-curable arcane “Sickness of the Mind” on the entire group which causes abilities to consume 1280% more power.. if a group members power drops too low the “Greed Monger” detriment will start to increment for the entire group. This isn’t AoE blockable so you’ll need to run with an Enchanter (or Dirge that’s “Exuberent Encore” specced) or simply not cast anything when you have Sickness of the Mind” in order to keep your power up at all times.
Greed Monger Sickness of the Mind
He also has a very slow casting curse “Confused Navigation”, this will hit 1 random group member and he’ll cast it roughly every minute. Whoever is cursed cannot cast hostile spells and “will randomly cast damage inflicting spells on allies” this shows up on ACT as..
“\#FF0000<Playername> hits YOU for 574619 focus damage.”
Confused Navigation

Torturer Cruickshank the Mad:

Upon pull the group will receive the un-curable detriment “Rack and Ruin”.Rack and Ruin

The tank should keep the name where he is while everyone else moves into position behind him near the start of the plank. He’ll cast “Rain of Coins” which is an un-curable AoE cold/elemental DoT that does more damage the closer you are to him, this can be AoE blocked.Rain of Coins

Throughout the fight he will port someone to the end of the plank, anyone that is ported will get the “Walk the Plank” achievement.Walk the Plank

Anyone ported will get the “Shark Bait” detriment, they’ll be rooted but can still cast etc – they need to be cured twice before they can move away. After you’ve been cured you may be ‘stuck’ and have to back out a little to jump onto the plank. At release you were eaten by a shark if you weren’t cured in time.. not sure if this still happens!
Shark Bait

“a Brokenskull pirate rigger” will also approach from the ramp and make his way to either side of the circle, DPS should switch to and kill him as soon as he’s attackable, if he doesn’t die quickly he becomes a ^^, then a ^^^, then a ^^^ epic.. this used to be a fail condition but it’s fairly easily healed through now.

Besides that, he’ll cast a stun, “Urchin Needles” on the tank every 50~ seconds.Urchin Needles

Captain Krasnok the Immortal:

Upon pull, the group will receive the un-curable detriment “Swarthy Slice”..Swarthy Slice

He will curse group members with “Immortality’s Curse” which can increment, this seems to be a frontal and is also likely related to when he emotes.. “Taste of my curse. It is eternal!”Immortality's Curse

Once the fight starts, green shinies will appear in 6 different locations on the boat. You’ll see there are 6 cannons around the boat also. You need to pick one or two people who will pick the cannon’s up and place them on-top of each green shiny (they’ll automatically orientate themselves correctly once placed). There’s a picture of the layout of the boat below.. this is where the cannons will need to be placed. Click on it to enlarge..Boat and Cannons

Through-out the fight “Bloodskull Cannoneer” will spawn around the side of boat where one of the canon’s is pointing. Each time a Cannoneer spawns a group member will need to pick up a cannonball from one of the many piles around the boat and then move to the cannon pointing at the “Bloodskull Cannoneer”, right-click “Load Cannon”, then right click to “Fire Cannon”. If you aren’t presented with those options, pick the cannon itself up and place it again. You only need to fire the cannon once, the add will die between 5-10 seconds later.

If the “Bloodskull Canonneer” manages to get a shot off, they put an un-curable AoE debuff on whoever it was targeting with “Cannon Blast”.. you cannot just ignore the Cannoneers as their damage output will keep on increasing as the “Cannon Blast” detriment stacks.

Cannon Blast

You can use the following triggers to know when a Cannoneer has spawned or been killed (if you’re having trouble keeping track of them).

<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;aNPC -?\d+ [^:]+:Bloodskull Cannoneer&#92;&#92;/a says, &quot;Awaiting yer orders, Capt'n!&quot;" SD="Cannoneer up" ST="3" CR="T" C="Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />
<Trigger R="&#92;&#92;aNPC -?\d+ [^:]+:Bloodskull Cannoneer&#92;&#92;/a says, &quot;I'm hit, I'm goin down, Capt'n! Arrrrrgh!&quot;" SD="Cannoneer down" ST="3" CR="T" C="Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

The tank should hold the named in the middle of the boat so that heals reach the person doing cannons. The name will try to cast “Bustin Some Heads” on the tank every 10% which will stun the tank and is also a memwipe (healers will likely want to just heal through the name or adds for this fight as appropriate).Bustin Some Heads

At 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% the named will enlarge and port to the side of the boat and summon a 6 “a Brokenskull crewmember”, when this happens you’d do well to have some form of temp damage reduction or AoE blocker running as all 6 adds will cast “Dashing Swathe” hard hitting trauma and stun/knockback this will kill squishier people – burn them down as quickly as possible, the named can (and will) come back while the adds are up if you don’t have enough DPS.

Rinse. Repeat!