Brokenskull Bay: Bosun’s Private Stock

This is a work in progress! Have only ran it once or twice!

Garrut Berogg:

Comes with 2 urzarach adds! Upon pull, the group will get the un-curable “Poisonous Sting” detriment.Poisonous Sting

Occasionally casts the curable “Weakening Poison” on the group which will increase physical damage by 30%, you’ll want to cure this as quickly as possible as it’s quickly followed by “Slashing Claws”.
Weakening Poison Slashing Claws

Besides the cures it’s pretty much tank and spank.

You’ll now have several waves of trash. The first wave of “ruby emperor” occasionally cast “Poisonous Pinch”.Poisonous Pinch

Besides that, the “urzarach” and “urzarach webweaver” encounters just do crushing damage.

Eggtender Varogg:

Upon pull, the group will get the un-curable “Poisonous Gash” detriment.Poisonous Gash

Comes with 2 adds, kill these first. Every 10% HP the named drops, he will cast “Web of Lies” a no target effect on the entire group, several “urzarach webweaver” will then spawn. The tank will need to save blue AoE’s for them as he still won’t be able to target. It seems that in some respects having lots of AoE DPS on this fight might make your life harder as “Web of Lies” is constantly re-applied. Didn’t try BD/T-Shell, if that works would make this a lot more forgiving. SK Deathmarch didn’t seem to help.Web of Lies

If random group members are dying because the tank is struggling to keep aggro through blue AoE snaps only, it might be worth the DPS going “Singular Focus”.

Rinse/Repeat till dead.

Several more waves of trash consisting of “an urzarach lifedrainer” and a final wave that consists of 20x “an urzarach hatchling” – absolutely nothing special, they just do crushing damage.

Veerach the Vile:

To trigger this encounter you must wait for the spider to kill “Bosun Broogle”. The tank then right-clicks “Bosun Broogle” and selects “collect vials”.

Upon pull, the group will get the un-curable “Poisonous Slash” detriment.Poisonous Slash

Whoever collected the vials gets the “Bonus’s Private Stock” buff (likely a typo!) and a special hotbar with 6x antidotes..
Bonus's Private Stock Antidote Hotbar
These are on a 5 minute recast and are used to cure the (normally) un-curable noxious, “Strong Poison”.. you’ll want to balance your use of them depending on what sort of HPS and DPS you’re putting out. If you have the DPS to kill it fast you can just use it every time “Strong Poison” is up.
Vial of Antidote Strong Poison

Every 30 seconds Veerach will cast “Sticky Webbing”, seems to be on random group members and shows up as an un-curable curse.. not sure if there’s a way to avoid this. There’s always the possibility you should save the Vials of Antidote to cure “Sticky Webbing” instead but considering the wording on the Antidote I’m guessing not :)Sticky Webbing

45 seconds into the encounter (she’s done this 3 times on the 45s mark, unless our DPS has always been consistent) she is likely to stun the tank with “Maul” and then summon “urzarach hatchlings”, these don’t do anything special besides crushing damage but the tank will want to ensure an AoE snap is available.Maul

The HPS needed for this fight is fairly substantial. On our last pull the defiler did 770k HPS which is more than she does in Molten Pools raids! 80-90% of this is the un-curable “Poisonous Slash”. It was “only” hitting my SK for about 150k every 2 seconds.. it was hitting everyone else in the group for between 250-300k piercing damage every 2 seconds, these are all people in fully gemmed green AoM armor (or at the very least a mix of gemmed blue and green) which makes 700k~ HPS pretty much the bare minimum to keep the group alive ignoring any other incoming damage like “Strong Poison”, “Sticky Webbing” or melee!