EQ2Stuff will no longer be available from Feb-2016

Per the subject! I’ve barely had any time to play this year which means I’ve had even less time to dedicate to writing anything new up, this is unlikely to change so I’ll be letting the domain/hosting expire in Feb. If you haven’t already, check out http://eq2library.com – it’s full of great information and they seem to be actively working on ToT info.

I never found time to write a hit counter for the Dungeon Timer and no-one commented so I’ve got no idea whether it’s getting any use or not.. Assuming ToT follows the same 18 hour rotation, if anyone wants to re-purpose it for ToT, the .PHP is available at www.eq2stuff.com/DungeonTimer.zip – it’s quite simple. There are probably much better ways of doing it but hey, it worked (I think?!)

Have fun folks!

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