An update on the lack of updates – and the likely continued lack of updates to the site

I had hoped to at least get strats down for every heroic and event heroic in the AoM before this happened but unfortunately due to a change in work schedule I’ve gotten less than an hours playtime since early February and it’s looking unlikely to change any time soon. I suppose on the bright-side I’ve missed out on what sounds like a fairly laggy period.

Like I said in the introduction post, if anyone wants to lift all the data and host elsewhere and update (or whatever really) you’re more than welcome.

I’m hoping I’ll have the time to come back to this in the future in which case I’ll probably bump my post on the EQ2 forums. The site will be live for at least another 10 months regardless.

Again, thanks for all the kind words in the past folks and sorry to disappoint those that were looking forward to the harder event heroic details.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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